Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why Who and How do we write??

This was the question i was discussing with my friend the other day..we jus had this random topic on why how and who should actually write..?? so I was jus telling him..or rather asking him if there were any pre-set qualifications or qualities for someone to write something..

So whats the deal in here..why cant someone just take a pen and paper and jus start writing.. or in this technologically equipped lifes of ours..why cant we jus open Microsoft word and jus start typing.. why why why?? Or should it be why how and who?? Why do we look forward for only the people whom we know to appreciate our work..why don’t we give others a chance…

This was one argument..tht u know the people who matter might not like our work..

The second argument was tht of the language barrier.. we feel that we are not good enuf in the language or rather its VOCABULARY as he puts it forward.. we jus don’t give it a shot in the frt place and we jus brush away by saying tht we are not good enuf to write as we r nt really strong with the vocab of the language.. I can proudly write or openly comment on this because I have overcome all these apprehensions now.. im not denying the fact that I never had these apprehensions..

Tried telling him the same..dnt make a difference..hope the written form of communication of the same idea would help him rethink his stand on such kind of apprehensions…

BTW he is an ardent follower of my blog


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